Frequently Asked Questions – Massive Mackay Civil Construction Auctions

What’s the easiest way to share details of these auctions?

The best way to access all the information about the auctions is through this link: If you want to share the details of the auctions with somebody else, please copy and paste the whole link, or tell them to search for “Pickles Mackay” on a search engine (e.g. Google).

How do I register for these auctions?

All you need to bid in these auctions is a MyPickles account, which is free, and you can sign-up for one here: Once this is set up, login and press the blue “bid now” button, which will become available after the auctions start on January 31 – 9am AEST.

I tried to register and something is stopping me. How can I fix that?

if you have trouble logging in or signing up, you can contact Pickles I.T. support on 1800 005 336 or You will need to log in, or create, a MyPickles account - Follow the registration instructions here -

Is finance available?

Pickles can help you arrange finance for auction assets. For more information:

What are the starting & finishing times? Is that AEST or AEDST? Where are the assets located? Can we view the items?

The auction for Q H & M Birt is a PicklesLIVE auction, to start at 10am AEST on Tuesday March 2019.

Major Earthmoving Equipment Auction on behalf of QH & M Birt Pty Ltd

Tuesday 19/03/2019 10:00am AEST


Tuesday, 19 March 2019 at 10:00 am


Friday, 15 March and Monday, 18 March 2019


Lot 12 Ron Searle Drive Mackay Harbour Mackay QLD 4740


0408 015 722 / 0418 612 739


All of Epoca’s PicklesONLINE auctions start on March 14 – 9am AEST. As all the assets are located in Mackay, all times shown in promotion of this sale are AEST (QLD doesn’t have daylight saving – NSW & Vic customers should add an hour). The finishing times for the Epoca PicklesONLINE auctions vary, but they all finish on Wednesday March 20.

Epoca’s PicklesONLINE auctions detail:

Will you deliver?

All items in this auction are sold as “pick-up only”, meaning you will need to organise your own transport, freight, and couriers.

Are there any fees?

Processing Fees

Please note Administration Fees may apply and all fees are GST inclusive.

Physical Auctions (Including Pickles Live Bidding)  

General Vehicles

(no administration fee will be charged
in addition to the processing fee)

All lots sold to Dealers

All lots sold to Non Dealers

Sale Price < $2,000 $395.00
Sale Price > $2,001 $545.00

Sale Price < $2,000 $420.00
Sale Price > $2,001 $595.00

Trucks & Machinery

All lots sold up to $9,999.99

All lots sold between $10,000.00 & $19,999.99

All lots sold $20,000.00 & over

16.50% + $60.50 Admin Fee

11.00% + $60.50 Admin Fee

8.25% + $60.50 Admin Fee

Internet Bidding Fee

Applicable to winning bids placed via Pickles Live

All lots in Industrial sales

All lots sold $1,000 & over All lots sold up to $999.99

All lots in all other sales

All lots sold up to $399.00
All lots sold between $400.00
& $999.99
All lots sold $1,000 & over




Phone Bidding Fee

All lots sold


Online Motor Vehicles

Applicable to all winning bids in online auctions

All lots sold

5.50% Min $499.50 + $60.50 Admin Fee

Online Recreational

All lots sold up to $9,999.99

All lots sold between $10,000.00 & $19,999.99

All lots sold $20,000.00 & over

16.50% + $60.50 Admin Fee

11.00% + $60.50 Admin Fee

8.25% + $60.50 Admin Fee

Online General Goods

All lots sold



Administration Fees

Cash Payments


EFTPOS Payment

$2.20 per $1000, or part thereof







Invoice Reprint

$22.00 per invoice

Storage Fee

$66.00 per day on uncollected items

Late Payment Fee

$66.00 per invoice per day payable after 48 hours

Export Administration Fee

$220.00 per invoice 
Plus $33.00 Transfer Fee for International Bank Transfers

Please note - All fees are GST inclusive

How much do you think it will go for?

Most of the items in these auctions are being sold with a reserve, but Pickles would love to sell every item. Having said that, with an auction the final bid determines the price that the asset goes for, and Pickles has no way of altering this.

Is there a bot outbidding me? I keep bidding and I am outbid instantly.

No, no-one is cheating the system, it’s just that PicklesONLINE lets you input your maximum bid upfront. The system will then bid on your behalf up to this amount.
For example, let’s say an asset you’re bidding on is priced at $100. Your maximum bid is $500. Put $500 in the box next to “Bid Now” and then press the button. The system will bid for you in $10 increments up to $500.
If someone else joins the auction and bids $200, PicklesONLINE will automatically bid $210 for you so you’re always in the lead.
If there’s a reserve on the item and your maximum bid is higher, the bid will go straight to the reserve. e.g. if the reserve on the lot in the example is $450, the bid would go straight to $450.

How will I know if I win an item?

It is possible to be the highest bidder on a PicklesONLINE item, but still not win the auction. This is because the vendor that owns the item may set a reserve price. If bidding reaches the vendor’s reserve then the item will be sold. However, if bidding does not reach the vendor’s reserve then the item will not be sold.

If you are the highest bidder on an item and the current bid meets the vendor’s reserve, then you will win the item. We will send you an email with a statement attached but you can always find out the status of all items you are bidding on by signing in to My Pickles.

To find out if you have won a PicklesONLINE auction after bidding has ended, sign in to My Pickles and click on “Pickles Online" in the Bidding menu.

You will see four sections on the next screen:

1. My Current Bids
2. My Closed Bids
3. My Buy Now History
4. My Deposits All items for which bidding has ended will appear in the "My Closed Bids" section.

The outcome of your bid is shown alongside the item.

Apart from having the highest bid which meets reserve at the end of the auction, you can win an item outright by electing to “Buy Now". As soon as anyone elects to buy an item outright using Buy Now, it is withdrawn from bidding and the Buy Now purchaser wins the item.

Items you have bought using Buy Now appear in the My Buy Now History section in My Pickles.

How do I find out about auctions like this in the future?

In your MyPickles account settings, you can choose to receive emails from us that will let you know when there are auctions like this coming up. Please also follow these links to find the auctions you are interested in:

Your major city newspapers have our most current auctions as well as some up-coming sales.

Why has the auction end time finished but the bidding is still going?

Every PicklesONLINE sale has a scheduled end time. All lots within the sale are scheduled to end at the sale’s end time.

However, if there is any late bidding activity against a lot then we will extend the end time for that lot.

Therefore, individual lots within a sale may end later than the sale’s end time – and at different times than each other.

Extending a lot's end time provides all buyers with the opportunity to respond to late bidding activity. If there is any bidding activity against a lot during the last 10 minutes of the auction, then we will extend the end time for that lot. This provides all buyers with the opportunity to respond to late bidding activity.

The new end time for that lot is calculated as the time of the bidding activity, plus 10 minutes.

For example, if a lot is scheduled to end at 8.30pm and a buyer attempts to place a bid at 8.27pm then the lot’s new end time will be 8.37pm.

If there is any other bid attempt during the last 10 minutes then the lot’s end time will extend again.

For example, if there is another bid attempt at 8.30pm then the lot’s new end time will be 8.40pm.

If a lot’s end time is extended then the auction will end for that lot once there has been a period of 10 continuous minutes without any bidding activity.

My question wasn’t covered here. Where can I get more help?

We have more help available 24/7 online here: but if you would like to speak with someone, please call Pickles Concierge on 1300 766 201 (Mon to Fri 8am-4pm AEST).