1. Will there be any changes to the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Australia remarketing model?
No, all aspects of the current JLR Australia remarketing model will remain the same.

2. When are the JLR Dealer Auctions held?
Monthly, Monday at 1:00pm. Set auction dates will be available on the JLR Auction Planner or advised 14 days prior to each auction.

3. Will the catalogue be sent to us via email or SMS?
Yes. The catalogue will be included in the eDMs & SMS sent out prior to every auction. Auction catalogues will continue to be sent in PDF format. 

4. At what point will dealers be able to access the catalogue for the next sale?
5:00pm, Thursdays prior to sale once the vehicles have been lotted. Vehicle listings in a proposed format may be available up to 10 days prior to the auction. 

5. Will vehicle condition reports be available prior to sale?
Yes. These will be available on the JLR Dealer Website for all vehicles. 

6. Will the Pickles condition report refer to tyre wear?

7. Will the Pickles condition report make reference to previous damage repairs?
No. Once a vehicle has been repaired the item will not be shown on the condition report. 

8.What is the process if I receive a vehicle from the JLR Dealer Auction that has damage or any missing items that were not noted on the condition report?
A detailed description of the damage or missing items needs to be emailed to nationaltransportservices@pickles.com.au within 48 hours of delivery to your dealership. This will then be assessed by our transport team in conjunction with the Pickles location where the vehicle(s) was sold from and a solution delivered within a further 48 hours.
9. Who do we contact in relation to vehicle referrals?
Please see the Pickles Contacts <link to contacts> page on the JLR Dealer Website for details. 

10. Transport (post sale) – who will book transport?
You can organise to transport your vehicle(s) purchased back to your dealership if you wish.
Pickles National Transport can also organise the transport on your behalf. They can be contacted on 1300 551 345 or nationaltransportservices@pickles.com.au.
A Freight equalisation fee of $990.00 will be payable on each vehicle purchased.

11. Will truck drivers be required to sign for books, etc?

12. Will Satellite Navigation discs, manuals and headsets be dispatched separately?
No. Our aim is to dispatch them with the vehicle and any surplus items will be express posted to the dealership if required. 

13. Will vehicles be drained of fuel?

14. Who do JLR Australia dealers contact at Pickles with questions or concerns relating to the JLR Dealer Auctions?
Your National JLR Dealer Relationship Manager or National JLR Account Manager.
Please see the Pickles Contacts <link to contacts> page on the JLR Dealer Website for details.
15. Will JLR Australia sell ex-executive vehicles direct to the public?
No. JLR Australia will not be changing its processes in relation to vehicles being offered exclusively to the JLR dealer network only. 

16. Will my access to stock change?

17. Will I be charged a Buyers Admin fee for vehicles purchased at the JLR Dealer Auction?
18. How can our dealership have an additional or new person given access to participate in the JLR Dealer Auctions?
Contact the National Dealer Relationship Manager. Please see the Pickles Contacts <link to contacts> page on the JLR Dealer Website for details. 

19.Who do I contact if I have any other questions?
Pickles Contacts
National Account Manager
Nick Taylor
Mb: 0409 772 604
Email: nick.taylor@pickles.com.au
National Dealer Relationship Manager
Richard Bowen 
Mb: 0404 847 234
Email: richard.bowen@pickles.com.au