In the event that PicklesLIVE experiences technical difficulties, the following procedures will be followed.

  Time Frame

   1 minutes 
  10 Minutes

As soon as the problem has been rectified the auction will recommence. 

  Prestige Next 10 minutes 

  11 Minutes
  20 Minutes

If the problem has not been resolved, we will not recommence the        auction for a further 10 minutes. We will announce for PicklesLIVE  participants to fax or email the lots they are interested in bidding on. We will then contact you via phone so you can bid live on the lots.

Auction will recommence without PicklesLIVE.

PicklesLIVE will recommence when the problem has been resolved.

Throughout this process the Auction Clerk/Auctioneer will continue to inform you of developments but if you have any further queries, please contact your local JLR Account Manager <link to contact> or local JLR Dealer Relationship Manager <link to contact> on the day.

Technical Enquiries
Service Desk

02 9704 6657