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Melbourne Hail-Affected Vehicle Auction

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As a result of the hail storm that hit parts of Melbourne prior to Christmas, Pickles has been charged with selling thousands of hail and storm-affected vehicles on behalf of many major insurance companies.

Pickles will sell these hail and storm-affected salvages via standalone live hail auctions that can be attended by the public and trade. Or you can participate, bid and purchase in this auction in real-time over the internet from anywhere with internet access (fees apply).

Please note that the vast majority of these vehicles are classified as “Inspection Passed Repairable Write-Off".

Inspection: Available from Friday, day prior to auction from 12:00pm - 7:00pm and 8:00am - 12:00pm day of auction at 58 Springbank Street, Tullamarine VIC. Please note the auction will be held at 89 Garden Drive, Tullamarine VIC.

Fees: Please familiarise yourself with Tullamarine Salvage Fees and administration fees for each auction. Click here to view the fees associated.

Uncollected Vehicles: All sold vehicles are to be removed within 2 business days from all Pickles Auctions facilities. Vehicles not removed will be charged daily storage fees, which must be paid in full, prior to collection.

Auction Summary

Melbourne Hail-Affected Vehicle Auction


Saturday 14/04/2018 9:30am AEST



This sale occurs:

Fortnightly, Saturday at 9:30 am


Friday prior from 12pm - 7pm and 8am - 12pm day of auction - 58 Springbank Street, Tullamarine


Auction at 89 Garden Drive
Tullamarine VIC 3043


(03) 9338 8899