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E-Salvage – National

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A selected range of salvages are offered on our E-Salvage platform. The salvages offered are made up of various salvage types, and WOVR status’ i.e. Repairable, Statutory and WOVR n/a salvages

For enquiries: Please e-mail adelaideinfo@pickles.com.au or call the number listed.

Fees: Please familiarise yourself with Salisbury Plain Fees and administration fees for each sale.

Uncollected Vehicles: All sold vehicles are to be removed within 3 business days from all Pickles Auctions facilities. Vehicles not removed will be charged daily storage fees, which must be paid in full, prior to collection.

The sales are made up predominantly of major insurance and corporate vendors stock.

You must be over 18 years of age to attend this auction 

Conditions of Sale

All vehicles / items are sold for salvage parts only.
All information for vehicles / items are available online only.

Sold vehicles / items are required to be collected within 3 working days.
After this time the E-Salvage yard may charge you daily storage fee’s.
Please contact the E-Salvage yard at the end of auction to arrange the collection.

Collection can only be made once full payment (cleared funds in our account) is made to Pickles Auctions Pty Ltd.
Buyers are required to contact the E-Salvage yard to arrange a suitable time for yard to make the vehicle available to buyer.
24 hour notice is required to the E-Salvage yard to arrange a collection time.

E-Salvage yards are only required to make the vehicle / item available for collection.
Any additional assistance to load a vehicle / item may incur additional costs for loading from the E-Salvage yard.
Buyers are required to arrange directly with E-Salvage yard any other collection assistance.
All vehicles MUST leave via tow truck or car carrier only.
Permits / Trade Plates are NOT permitted to be use to remove a vehicle.

Important WHS Notification: Enclosed footwear must be worn for inspection of Salvage vehicles on Pickles sites.

Please Note: Please review each vehicle / Item for its physical location. 


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E-Salvage – National


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