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E-Salvage Motorcycles

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A selected range of bike salvages are offered on our E-Salvage platform. The salvages offered are made up of various salvage types, and WOVR status’ i.e. Repairable, Statutory and WOVR n/a salvages

For enquiries: Please e-mail acaciaridgeinfo@pickles.com.au or call the number listed.

Fees: Please familiarise yourself with Acacia Ridge Fees and administration fees for each sale.

Uncollected Bikes: All sold bikes are to be removed within 2 business days from all Pickles Auctions facilities. Vehicles not removed will be charged daily storage fees, which must be paid in full, prior to collection, please contact the respective branch for collection times.

The sales are made up predominantly of major insurance and finance stock.

Please note: You must be over 18 years of age to attend this auction. Enclosed footwear is mandatory and must be worn all the time whilst attending auctions, viewing vehicles/motorcycles, collecting personal effects, pickups and drop offs of vehicles.

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E-Salvage Motorcycles


Ends Friday 27/05/2022 12:00pm AEST


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0d 20h 55m

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Monthly commencing on Thursday at 12:00 pm


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70 Colebard Street
Acacia Ridge QLD 4110


(07) 3120 3111