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Melbourne’s leading salvage vehicle auctioneers offer approximately 250 salvage, repossessed and stolen and recovered Prestige and Passenger vehicles every week in our undercover facility located in Tullamarine.

Major clients include AAMI, RACV, Allianz, Just Car Insurance, Shannon’s, CGU, APIA, Bingle and various financial institutions.

We now offer all these vehicles for auction through our Pickles live auction service. You can participate, bid and purchase in this auction live, in real time, over the internet from anywhere in Australia.


All sold vehicles are to be removed within 5 working days from the site. Vehicles not removed will be charged at $20.00 ( plus $2.00 GST) per day or part thereof payable in full prior to collection.

For enquiries: Please e-mail:MelbourneInfo@pickles.com.au or call the number listed.

Please note: You must be over 18 years of age to attend this auction.

WHS note: Enclosed shoes must be worn for inspection of Salvage vehicles on Pickles sites

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Salvage Vehicles


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This sale occurs:

Held weekly at 10:00 am


Day of Sale at 8:30am


89 Garden Drive
Tullamarine VIC 3043


(03) 9338 8899