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Salvage Vehicles

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Fuel contaminated vehicle auction.

Due to recent fuel contamination in Melbourne, Pickles Auctions have the pleasure of offering 100+ vehicles on behalf of Australia’s leading Insurance Companies.

Note: All vehicles have been listed on the WOVR as repairable write offs and must be towed off the site.


All sold vehicles are to be removed within 5 working days from the sale. Vehicles not removed will be charged at $20.00 ( plus $2.00 GST) per day or part thereof payable in full prior to collection.


For enquiries: Please e-mail MelbourneInfo@pickles.com.au or call the number listed.

Please note: You must be more than 18 years of age to attend this auction.

WHS Note: Enclosed shoes must be worn for inspection of Salvage vehicles on Pickles sites

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Salvage Vehicles


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This sale occurs:

Held at 10:00 am


Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd From 9:00am to 4:00pm and from 8:00AM day of sale


89 Garden Drive
Tullamarine VIC 3043


(03) 9338 8899