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Salvage Vehicles

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Pickles Auctions sells the majority of Repairable, Statutory and WOVR n/a salvages via Live sales that can be attended by the public and trade.

Or you can participate, bid and purchase in this auction live, in real time, over the internet from anywhere with internet access (additional fees apply).

For enquiries: Please e-mail waggawaggainfo@pickles.com.au or call the number listed.

Fees: Processing fees do apply, click here to view the fees.

Uncollected Vehicles: All sold vehicles are to be removed within 2 business days from all Pickles Auctions facilities. Vehicles not removed will be charged daily storage fees, which must be paid in full, prior to collection.

The sales are made up predominantly of major insurance and finance stock.

You must be over 18 years of age to attend all auctions.

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Salvage Vehicles


Monday 24/02/2020 1:00pm AEDT


Final Listing

This sale occurs:

Fortnightly at 1:00 pm


Day of Sale from 8.30am


36 Nagle Street
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650


(02) 6921 1588