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Storm Affected E-Salvage #1

Details of sale

Details of sale

A selected range of salvages are offered on our E-Salvage platform. The salvages offered are made up of various salvage types, and WOVR status’ i.e. Repairable, Statutory and WOVR n/a salvages

For enquiries: Please e-mail acaciaridgeinfo@pickles.com.au or call the number listed.

Fees: Please familiarise yourself with Acacia Ridge Fees and administration fees for each sale.

Payment: Full payment due within 24 hours. Late fees will apply. 

Delivery/Collection Information: As per our terms and conditions you have one business day to collect and remove the item/s from this location otherwise storage fees at the rate of $66 per lot per day will apply.


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Storm Affected E-Salvage #1


Thursday 26/05/2022 3:00pm - Friday 27/05/2022 3:00pm AEST



This sale occurs:

Weekly commencing at 3:00 pm


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314 Bilsen Road
Geebung QLD 4034


Reception - 07 3120 3111