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Sydney Storm-Affected Vehicles

Details of sale

As a result of the storms that hit parts of NSW prior to Christmas, Pickles will be selling storm-affected vehicles on behalf of major insurance companies.

Auction dates: Auctions will run twice weekly until further notice. 

Inspection: No inspection available for this auction. 

Please Note: The vast majority of the storm-affected vehicles being sold are listed as Statutory Write Offs on the Written Off Vehicle Register (WOVR), meaning that they cannot be repaired and re-registered anywhere in Australia. Conditions apply, click here for details.

Enquiries: Please click here and enter your name and email at the bottom of the page or call the number listed on the right. 

Fees: Please familiarise yourself with branch fees and administration fees for each sale. 

Uncollected Vehicles: All sold vehicles are to be removed within 2 business days from all Pickles facilities. Vehicles not removed will be charged daily storage fees, which must be paid in full prior to collection.

The sales are made up predominantly of major insurance stock.

Auction Summary

Sydney Storm-Affected Vehicles


To Be Advised

This sale occurs:

Weekly, Wednesday to Friday at 5:00 pm


No viewing available


Riverstone Business Park - Vineyard Site
Bandon Road
Vineyard NSW 2765


0455 958 672