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Salvage Division

Buyers Premium applies to all lots sold at auction. Please contact your local branch for details.

Feel free to browse through all our salvage car auctions or search above for vehicles by specific makes and models.

Pickles Auctions Salvage Division is one of the longest running and largest operating division since Pickles was awarded its first large disposal contract of salvage cars some 25 years ago in NSW.
Since then the division has grown to become the largest seller of salvage cars in Australia with the majority being sold on behalf of all major motor vehicle underwriting insurance companies, self insured companies, finance, rental and other major corporations. All of our auctions cater for the private buyer, motor vehicle enthusiast, hobbyist and trade alike.

We look forward to welcoming you to any of our salvage car auctions around the country to enjoy the live atmosphere. Alternatively you can purchase any vehicle online via our Pickles Live bidding system from the comfort of your own home or office.

E-Salvage online auctions are also conducted 7 days a week, allowing you to purchase 100% genuine damaged insurance vehicles found in metro, rural and remote locations from anywhere in Australia.


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