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Lost property 2016

Sydney Airport Lost Property Auctions

First Auction Starts: Tuesday, 11 October 2016
Final Auction Ends: Thursday, 20 October 2016

With more than 40 million passengers a year, many items are left behind at Sydney Airport. The items which remain unclaimed will be sold at auction.

The Sydney Airport Lost Property Auction will start on Tuesday, 11 October. The Sydney Airport proceeds will benefit a number of charities, including Lifeline, the Clontarf Foundation, Kookaburra Kids and Conservation Volunteers Australia

There will be several online auctions set up by product type. Each auction will run for 36 hours with the first auction starting on Tuesday, 11 October. Links to each auction will appear on this page shortly. The auctions take place online, which means anyone, from anywhere, can participate. 

Public viewing day: Monday,10 October 8am - 4:30pm (all items can be viewed and electrical items can be powered up if required)

Location: Pickles Auctions
21 Woorang Street
Milperra, NSW 2144

Contact: (02) 9738 3010 or

Processing fee: 16.5% on all lots sold

Delivery: National delivery is available through Pack & Send Liverpool:
Phone: 02 9822 4733



Sending your own courier?
Please ensure they are able to pack the items for you. Any connotes or delivery information can be sent through to our dispatch team at

Privacy: All data on electronic devices, such as computers, mobile phones and cameras will be erased before auction.

Cameras, Headphones, Gaming & Electrical

Starts: Tuesday, 11 October 9:00am
Ends: Wednesday, 12 October 09:00pm 

iPhones, Smart Phones & iPods

Starts: Wednesday, 12 October 9:00am
Ends: Thursday, 13 October 09:00pm

iPads, Tablets, Laptops and IT Products

Starts: Thursday, 13 October 9:00am
Ends: Friday, 14 October

Perfume, Cosmetics, Health

Starts: Friday, 14 October
Ends: Saturday, 15 October 09:00pm


Starts: Saturday, 15 October 9:00am
Ends: Sunday, 16 October 09:00pm

Toys, Sports, Music, etc

Starts: Sunday, 16 October 9:00am
Ends: Monday, 17 October

Liquor & Cigarettes

Starts: Monday, 17 October 9:00am
Ends: Tuesday, 18 October 09:00pm

Sunglasses, Footwear, etc

Starts: Tuesday, 18 October 9:00am
Ends: Wednesday, 19 October 09:00pm

Auction 8


Starts: Wednesday, 19 October 9:00am
Ends: Thursday, 20 October 9:00pm

Auction 9


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