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Workplace health and safety is the foundation of all our values. We take great pride in our work and our people, and have implemented practices that protect the health and safety of every member of our staff and customers, as well as our environment.


WHS Policies 
All workplace health and safety site procedures must be followed at all times. Chain of responsibility laws and load restraint rules apply for collections and vehicle movements in and out of branches. Contractors who are engaged must complete the Pickles contractor management questionnaire. Covered footwear must be worn on site at all times by everyone, including staff, vendors, customers and contractors.

Important WHS notification: 
Enclosed footwear is mandatory and must be worn at all times whilst attending auctions, viewing items, collecting personal effects, delivery and collection of vehicles. 

If there’s an emergency or evacuation please follow the direction of Pickles staff and assemble at the dedicated point.

Chain of Responsibility Laws and load restraint rules apply for collections and vehicle movements. Refer below for load restraints.