AU$ All prices are in Australian dollars.
  • 1964

    Stock and Station Agent
    founded in Moree, NSW
    by Peter Pickles.

  • 1977
    2nd Branch

    Auction facility
    established at Islington, Newcastle.

  • 1985
    Pickles Expands

    Truck, earthmoving and
    plant auctions conducted
    in Sydney.

  • 1993
    Pickles continues
    to grow

    Established Canberra
    auction facility.

  • 1996
    launched launched.

  • 1998
    Established Tasmania & Queensland auction facility

    Established Hobart auction facility;
    Brisbane auction facility in Geebung.

  • 1973
    Relocated to

    Relocated to Sydney to
    conduct antique, fine
    arts and damaged 
    vehicle auctions.

  • 1982
    1st Vehicle

    Motor vehicle auctions
    conducted in Sydney.

  • 1988
    1st Acquisition

    Crealys Auctions 
    acquired; Belmore auction
    facility opened at 
    current Head Office site.

  • 1995
    Major Acquisition

    Airport Auctions in
    Sydney acquired.

  • 1997
    Rapid Growth

    Auto Salvage Auctions
    in Adelaide acquired.

  • 2006
    New Department

    Salvage vehicle facility at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane opened; PVT Transport was launched; PDAs introduced for motor vehicles.

  • 2003
    Further expansion in NT & NSW

    New auction facility in Newcastle, Darwin,
    Dubbo & Alice Springs; Relocated Newcastle
    auction facility to new premises; Acquired
    Territory Auto Auctions in Darwin; Established
    Dubbo auction facility; Acquired Builder
    Auctions in Alice Springs.

  • 2001
    New Acquisition

    Acquired Auto Group's damaged
    vehicle operations; Established
    Industrial auction facility in
    Brisbane; Established Perth
    auction facility

  • 1999
    New Managing Director Appointed

    Tim Pickles appointed
    Managing Director; Acquired
    Government) auction
    business in
    South Australia.

  • 2007
    Opened Tamworth branch

    Acquired Rundles Auctions in

  • 2004
    New auction facility opened

    Vehicle auction facility opened in
    Balcatta, Perth.

  • 2002
    New bidding
    method introduced

    Launched remote bidding.

  • 2000
    New auction facility, new PAIRS
    system & fixed priced introduced

    Established Melbourne auction facility; Townsville branch commenced operation; Pickles Advanced Information Reporting System (PAIRS) launched; 'Fixed Price' selling introduced

  • 2008
    New auction
    facility opened

    Auction facility opened
    in Sunshine, Melbourne.

  • 2010
    Pickles sets a
    record high

    Over 25,000 storm affected
    vehicles sold in Melbourne &

  • 2014
    New Chief
    Executive Officer

    Bruce Maclennan appointed CEO; Netresult mobility 
    shareholding acquired.

  • 2016
    New auction facility

    Rundles Auctions acquired in
    Wagga Wagga; Rockhampton
    (Qld) auction facility opened.

  • 2018
    New acquistion
    & Pickles Ventures launched

    Hassalls Auctions acquired and Pickles 
    Ventures website launched.

  • 2009
    New contract and
    PicklesLIVE milestone

    Big Toyota contract 
    secured; 100,000 vehicles
    sold online with PicklesLIVE.

  • 2013
    New Executive

    Tim Pickles appointed
    Executive Chairman.

  • 2015
    WA supersite opened

    WA Pickles supersite
    opened in Bibra Lake
    housing all three product lines.

  • 2017
    Established PicklesAsia

    Pickles Asia – opened in
    Malaysia; Altona North (VIC)
    branch opened; Pickles Ventures launched; Invested in Iungo;
    Acquired CarZapp.

  • 2019
    Established Pickles

    Pickles Mining and Pickles Oil & Gas
    launched offering asset valuation and
    disposal services for the mining,
    construction, civil and industrial sectors.

  • 2022
    Apax partnership

    Pickles enters into an agreement
    to sell a majority share of its business
    to funds advised by Apax Partners LLP,
    a global private equity firm.