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Since 1964, Pickles has powered trusted marketplaces that bring people together, delivering value for everyone. We’re a service company striving to provide a consistent world-class experience and advice for our customers. We’re a people company because great people do and create great things together. We’re a technology & data company creating thriving marketplaces for our customers to connect and transact easily.

We are the Australian leaders in asset remarketing across industrial, motor vehicles, salvage, general goods, mining, oil & gas, agriculture and more. Our major clients include the Australian government, state governments, local councils, fleet and lease companies, insurance companies, financial institutions, banks and not-for-profit organisations.

Maintaining this breadth of expertise is made possible by the huge number of industry experts who work for Pickles across Australia. With over 850 specialist employees, Pickles boasts a truly national footprint across many important Australian industries. 

Vision, Purpose and Mission

At Pickles, we're dedicated to shaping the future. Our vision is to be the first choice for anyone when buying and selling used assets in our market. Our purpose is to power trusted marketplaces where everybody wins. Our mission is to win customers for life by making their experience awesome.

Watch our video to learn more about how our vision, purpose and mission guide our daily operations.

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