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Since 1964, Pickles has created trusted marketplaces that bring people together, delivering value for everyone. We are a privately-owned company, built by people who are passionate about what they do. With an ongoing commitment to innovation, our depth of experience, quality of relationships, and ability to find simple solutions to complex problems means we are able to realise the maximum return on all assets.

We are the leaders in asset remarketing across industrial, cars, trucks, and salvage. We are also a trusted partner in the advisory sector.

While we've grown into a large, diverse team, with 27 branches nationally, we've retained the Pickles' values - integrity, innovation, teamwork and excellence. We take a long-term view on partnerships and our core values drive everything we do.
Our major clients include the Australian government, state governments, local councils, fleet and lease companies, insurance companies, financial institutions, banks and not-for-profit organisations.
In the last financial year, Pickles sold over 228,000 vehicles and over $460 million in transport and construction equipment.