Tips on winning an auction

Get the most out of buying at auction with these handy tips

How to bid

To be the highest bidder, you need to have placed the highest bid, or be the first person to place the highest maximum bid.

What to do if someone has the same bid as you

To win the item, you will need to be the first person to submit the highest maximum bid. If someone else is the leading bidder, it means that they entered the same maximum bid amount before you.

Don’t miss out when the auction is about to close

Remember, any bid in the last 10 minutes will extend the end time for this lot. This provides all buyers with the opportunity to respond to late bidding activity. If a lot’s end time is extended then the auction will end for that lot once there has been a period of 10 continuous minutes without any bidding activity.
Be on the ball and watch the auction towards the end.

What you should know about maximum bids

When bidding, you are asked to enter your maximum bid. The PicklesONLINE system will bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid but not beyond it. If another buyer indicates a higher maximum amount than yours, then you will be outbid. We recommend you login to your MyPickles to check your status.