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As Sydney buckles down for another lockdown stretch, many residents are struggling with the impact restrictions have on everyday tasks like selling a vehicle. With showrooms and businesses closed across the state, it has become increasingly difficult to buy and sell vehicles, with most Sydney-siders having to rely on complicated Facebook Marketplace interactions. If you are currently searching for ways to sell your car in a free, contactless way, DIYinspect is the perfect solution.

Why sell with DIYinspect? Selling your vehicle through the app is:

  • 100% free and very easy to use
  • Fast; offers are turned around within 24 hours business days
  • Completely lockdown compliant, the process is contactless from start to finish

DIYinspect is a free service that allows you to receive quick, easy offers on your car from the comfort of your own home. It may sound too good to be true, but luckily selling your car for market value is a simple 4 step process using DIYinspect. To get the ball rolling on a seamless sale process, here are the 4 simple steps to getting your car sold curing COVID-19 restrictions:.

1. Download the app
DIYinspect is a free app available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. To download DIYinspect, simply head to your app store to get the process started. Once your account is created, you will be one step closer to receiving your free offer!

2. Enter your VIN or REGO number
DIYinspect can quickly populate everything we need to know about your car once you input your VIN or REGO number. Once the information about your vehicle is on hand, we are able to confirm the make, model and year of your car. The DIYinspect app does all the hard work for you!

3. Take photos of your car
Once your app is up and running you will be able to take photos of your car as guided by the DIYinspect silhouettes. These photos help the DIYinspect team to determine the quality of your vehicle and note any damages that may affect your final offer.

4. Receive your offer within 24 hours
After the DIYinspect team receives all the photos and information regarding your vehicle, you will receive an offer within 24 business hours. This offer is service fee free, meaning the dollar amount in your offer is the amount you will receive in the bank. We believe in a simple process, you provide the information, we provide the offer as quickly as possible.

So you’ve accepted your offer, what’s next?
Once you decide to accept an offer for your car, we will send COVID-compliant drivers to pick up your vehicle and transport it. This service is 100% free for customers within 30 kms of a DIYinspect drop off point.

If you’re ready to sell your car from home in the safest way possible, the DIYinspect team is ready to help. Download the app now to start the process to receive your offer, or contact the DIYinspect team for more information. Don’t meet this criteria?

11 Aug