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Have you made the decision to purchase a new car but first need to sell your current car? There are many factors that can help you increase the sale price of your car. Check out our top tips to ensure you get the best price for your vehicle.

Here are our top tips:

Service history.

By far the most important, stay up to date with your regular services and log each one. A complete service history gives potential buyers more confidence in the car they are buying and shows it has been properly cared for.

Wash the exterior.

Bird droppings, tree sap, leaves all leave a stain and if left for a long time, can damage the paintwork. After you’ve washed it, wax and polish it too. Maintaining the exterior will ensure minimal discolouration and prevent the colour from fading.

Look at fixing minor dents & scratches. 

While a couple of dings and small scratches might not mean much to you, they can be off-putting for a buyer. Assess whether the cost of repairing will pay off when selling. If you’re ready to sell your used car as is, consider using the DIYinspect app. This app is a fast, free and easy way to have your car and its damage evaluated from home.

Know your car’s value.

Check Prices People Pay for up to information on resale values. Knowing this will give you some leverage when negotiating a price

Location, location, location.

Did you know location can affect the resale value of your car? Certain models of cars may be more popular in particular areas which will drive up the price.

Future tip: Choose a car that holds its resale value

If you previously bought an obscure model or a car which is not popular, you may find your resale value suffering as a result. Opt for popular brands or brands which are renowned for making reliable cars as these tend to hold their value better.

Looking for a quick and easy way to sell your current car? Talk to us today. We also offer trade-ins for your convenience.

29 Apr