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Meet the man behind business development for Pickles Oil & Gas

At Pickles, we take the resale of assets seriously. We also believe that people are the important assets we work with. Since our inception in 1964, Pickles has grown to be one of Australia’s largest marketplaces and this is largely thanks to the incredible talent that have helped establish the business and grow it over the last 58 years.

Pickles employees know the value of collaborating with all of the like-minded, hardworking people who uphold the business. Pickles people are employees who are deeply committed to our company values, to each other and to achieving great things for our community. Pickles employees are passionate, creative and dedicated to providing a superior customer experience by finding solutions that deliver results, and strive to be the very best in the industry. We take what we do, do it better and do it anywhere.

To highlight our amazing staff who work tirelessly to keep Pickles alive, we have decided to create a series called ‘People of Pickles’ which gives insights into employees and how they are pivotal to Pickles’ success. In this edition, we start off strong out west with Perth-based Business Development Manager for our oil & gas division, Stephen Amy.

Why do you go by the name Trish?

It was actually given to me by a client. When I first started with Pickles, the onboarding period was an amazing experience that took me to remote mining and client locations around Australia and myself and our other two Steve’s visited a large oil & gas client in Darwin. The receptionist thought we were kidding when we introduced ourselves as ‘Steve, Steve and Steve’. She thought it was a little confusing but brought out a hard hat that had the name “Trish” printed in big bold letters across the front. Much to the amusement of my colleagues, the receptionist said “well that clears up the three Steve’s then!” I haven’t been able to shake it since!

When did you start working with Pickles and in what capacity?

I joined Pickles in May of 2018 as the business development manager (BDM) for Mining WA. Here I was responsible for the management and growth of the West Australian and Northern Territory mining portfolio.

What have the last five years looked like and how have you developed at Pickles?

After starting my tenure with Pickles in May 2018 as their Mining BDM for WA, I then transitioned into the newly created BDM role for Pickles Oil & Gas in 2019. This was a busy 12 months for us as Pickles Mining and Pickles Oil & Gas were both launched in tandem, offering asset valuation and disposal services for the mining, oil and gas, construction, civil and industrial sectors. After helping set up the O&G brand and dedicated vertical, I then took on the lead for the vertical to effectively grow the O&G business in WA, NT and SA and to grow brand awareness globally – specifically in the Asia Pacific region. I’m currently working towards leading the business unit on a national level and look to consistently contribute as a thought Leader in the business whilst harnessing connections in the industry.

Why is your role important to the success of Pickles O&G?

My role has been to show potential oil & gas clients the benefits of our unique vertical and the strong results that we have produced for their peers. The success of my role has come from gaining long term service contracts and these new to business clients actually seeing the increased returns and significant reuse of their surplus.

How would you explain the impressive growth of the O&G space?

A big part of our growth has happened from leveraging the early success with a leading O&G operator which in turn helped us to successfully secure new contracts with multiple O&G operators in the industry. The growth is directly derived from impressive sales results, a dedicated and focussed Oil & Gas vertical, coupled with the transparency and effectiveness of our processes.

How has Pickles helped you with improving your skills for new business opportunities?

With experience predominantly in the real estate and construction industry, the transition to O&G was always going to be a challenging one. Pickles however helped to make this switch easily thanks to the managerial and team support I received from other BDMs and managers. Pickles also continues to invest time and resources into developing the skills I need to be successful in this role through ongoing mentorship from management and practical training.

What are your goals for the upcoming few years and the growth you anticipate for Pickles?

We had some fantastic results last year, our gross sales grew 188% which I anticipate repeating over the next few years. From a goals perspective, our aim is to continue to be the leading provider of asset divestment and disposal services for O&G operators in Australia, and to grow our client base throughout Asia and eventually globally. Another major goal we have is to assist operators with their decommissioning projects by providing the lowest cost end-to-end solution for their decommissioned assets that has a strong sustainability focus.

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11 Nov