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How Pickles’ partner, Corbet’s Group took advantage of a downturned market

Over the last few months, Pickles’ experts have seen a general decline in the market as we head towards the end of 2023. While not uncommon for this time of year, particularly as businesses wrap up operations before Christmas, we’ve seen less overall movement than in previous years. This is due to a perfect storm of high interest rates, the upcoming Christmas period and a general slowness in consumer/business spending. However, for the industrial sector, it appears that the pace may be picking up as major infrastructure projects along the east coast await businesses to begin construction. This means civil and earthmoving assets are, once again, in high demand, making it a hot time for buyers and sellers of used gear.
When there is increased movement in the industrial sector, Pickles steps in,and steps up to provide a trusted marketplace for vendors to offload their used equipment, and for buyers eager to purchase. With dozens of industrial experts at Pickles, we are always in touch with the market and uphold a regular sales schedule to keep assets in market. Keeping the Pickles’ marketplace running year-long makes it painless for buyers and vendors to get what they need, when they need it.
So for vendors like Corbet’s Group, Pickles was the perfect resource to offload excess assets and equipment in the lead up to Christmas. For large scale operations like Corbet’s, having a reliable way to turnover assets and free up capital to upgrade a fleet is a crucial business need. After Pickles put together a tailored remarketing campaign for Corbet’s sale, the late October auction was streamlined and successful. With a 100% clearance rate of all assets, 1.1M+ marketing impressions and $6.6M+ in total sales, the results speak for themselves!
‘Pickles were easy to work with from start to finish because they really know their stuff. We had full confidence in their ability to run the event, making the experience stress free. They were quick, professional and able to assist in everything from marketing to valuations. We had full faith in the Pickles team to deliver fantastic results, which they did!’
Aussie, Corbet’s Group

Pickles Industrial has a team that is well known in the industry for placing an emphasis on the power of partnerships. For Pickles, it is through the strength of working together that auctions succeed. It also makes sales effortless, as the more understanding there is in a business partnership, the easier it is to create tailored campaigns where everyone’s needs are met and everybody wins. This notion is championed by National Sales Manager, James Chauncy, who says ‘The Pickles/Corbet’s sale showed off a true partnership, where both businesses joined forces to produce a great sale that exceeded all expectations. The buyers are all stoked, which is a testament to the Corbet Family and the outstanding condition of their fleet’.
As 2023 comes to a close, we take pride in wrapping up the year with immense satisfaction from our vendors. With Pickles achieving gross industrial sales exceeding $686M, the year can be described as just as successful as it was explosive. With another big year on the horizon, Pickles is gearing up to help guide the next round of businesses and buyers seeking advantageous results.

20 Nov