Whether you commute daily or drive only on occasion, there are a number of items to keep in your boot so you’re prepared for the unexpected.

10 things we suggest:

  1. Jump leads

Leaving your lights on is easier than it sounds… Keep a set of jump leads in your car so if your battery is flat you can get going again.
  1. Seat belt cutter

Some are pretty small in size and can be attached to your keychain so it’s with you all the time and can be crucial if in an accident.
  1. Glass breaker

This tool does pretty much what you’d expect, breaks your windows in times of emergencies.
  1. Torch

Whether you’re camping, changing a tyre in the dark or just need to find something, a torch will come in handy many times.
  1. Tyre Jack

When you’re broken down on the side of the road, you’ll thank us for reminding you to include this handy piece of equipment. Not sure how to change a tyre? Check out this guide.
  1. First aid kit

From tweezers to plasters and an eye flush, a first aid kit is an essential item to have fully stocked and will be used year-round, from road trips to visits to the local park.
  1. Water

A couple of bottles can be an absolute lifesaver should you ever break down in the middle of nowhere.
  1. Blanket

Blankets are the ideal go-to on long drives; use it for warmth, folded up as a pillow or for a quick picnic-style lunch.
  1. Chargers

More of a handy-to-have item than an essential, chargers will help get you out of trouble should you need to call for assistance.
  1. Change of clothes

Sometimes the best of plans don’t always work out how you expect.  Caught in the rain, overheating, impromptu swim… the list goes on. A spare pair of clothes can be a lifesaver.

Most of these items are small, but still finding your car is cluttered? We use the Marie Kondo method to keep our car pristine

16 Apr