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Pickles launches DIYinspect

We’re excited to announce the launch of DIYinspect – an easy-to-use app that offers a customer convenience and flexibility when selling their car.


What is DIYinspect?

DIYinspect is a free self-inspection app. It is part of Pickles Ventures, a division of Pickles that supports new ventures. Pickles has a long history and extensive experience in valuing assets and with a large amount of data to draw from, our valuers provide a fair valuation. 

How does it work?

Users simply download the app, create an account, enter their car details and upload photos. Pickles, Australia’s leading auctioneer and valuer, will review this data, provide a valuation and offer a guaranteed buy price. Once the customer accepts the offer, Pickles will pick up the vehicle for free within 30km of the nearest Pickles branch. Payment is organised within 48 hours of car collection.

Watch our YouTube video below for a guide on using the app.


21 Aug