With all the WHS legislation and accreditations out there, how do you know if the company your organisation is working with is ethical, transparent and takes the health and safety of their staff and operations seriously?
Safety should be a foundation for all asset remarketing organisations. Don’t put your own company at risk of being exposed due to not considering all safety requirements.

Our accreditations

Pickles is accredited with the highest occupational health & safety rating in Australia/New Zealand: the AZ/NZS 4801:2001. We arethe only auction house in Australia with the accrediation. With standards so rigorous, the 4801 has been adopted worldwide. We have regular third-party external audits to ensure ongoing compliance.
We have received a number of other accreditations including the Environmental Management System certificate, reflecting our commitment to environmental risk management using the ISO 14001 International Standard for a structured management approach to environmental protection. These standards safeguard our business strategies now and in the future by protecting resources and ensuring the highest standards are met.

Our people

We take the safety of our people seriously and require all staff to have ongoing training to ensure all new and changing legislation are considered including chain of responsibility. Our safety orientated rewards and recognition programme ensures staff strive to uphold the Pickles commitment to safety. Our teams also have daily pre-starts to ensure communication and consultation in the workplace and monthly reporting to our executives. We are on the ground every day, assessing, reviewing and managing our people and equipment to eliminate sources of injury and achieve a safe working environment.
Does your remarketer have a dedicated WHS team? In 2013 we expanded our WHS team to include a national manager, workers’ compensation lawyer and five state-based WHS officers who have extensive expertise across a range of industries. Safety is an ongoing part of our everyday work and our specialised WHS team adheres to and implements the highest standards.

Our systems and processes

Another element of our dedication to safety includes a cloud-based safety management system where potential hazards, incidents, safe act observations and take five reporting ensures trends are identified and resolved. Our system doesn’t just monitor or log reports, it provides actionable data to review and implement so we know our workplace is up to speed.
Our stringent contract management system requires all contractors to complete a questioner and supply insurances, risk assessment, provide training records and complete a Pickles induction so we know the people we work with are safe.
Pickles partner with state-based regulators to identify and implement improvement opportunities. We have an unyielding commitment to ethical conduct in all our relationships and take every measure to ensure a safe culture.
Can your partner do all that?

07 Feb