The second and third quarters of FY18 have seen a consistent number of drivers seeking the services of Pickles to maximise the resale value of their used Novated vehicle and also provide an efficient process and platform to enable the vehicle sale.
To meet their needs, Pickles recently launched a vehicle self-inspection app called DIYInspect. The app allows users to complete an easy-to-follow inspection process of their vehicle and obtain a valuation from our extensive database. It significantly reduces time spent for users as they don’t need to organise third-party inspections.
Based on the user entering only their vehicle registration and state of registration, the app identifies all other necessary key vehicle information to complete the process. This then prompts the user to follow a brief inspection process including identifying any damage and taking a series of supporting photographs.
The App, now available on Google Play and the App Store, can also record the engine sound via video and the entire process is completed within 10 - 12 minutes. SUV vehicle types continue to lead the way in resale demand, though in general the market across the used vehicle spectrum has remained strong.

Download the DIYinspect app from the App Store today.


07 Jun