Hey, we thought PicklesGO prices were always 'sale' prices. 
You are right! PicklesGO cars are offered at non-negotiable, below-market prices every day. You never have to haggle and you always get a great deal. However, during the Mega Summer Sales Event, we are sweetening the deal with special incentives. View them here. 
Where are the cars from?
Most are ex-government and fleet vehicles. Pickles is the largest seller of government and fleet vehicles in the country, holding many sole supplier agreements. As a result, we have a huge inventory of well-maintained cars from trusted sources. Many of our vehicles are purchased by Dealers and sold on their lots, but PicklesGO cars are offered to you 'pre-auction' at low, fixed prices. 
May I inspect the cars?
Yes. Every online vehicle listing contains a range of photos using our high resolution 'Photodome' technology, as well as a detailed condition reports. You can also visit the branch where the vehicle is located for an inspection. 
What if I find a car I like, but it's not located near me?
No problem! We can arrange for shipping to a branch near you or to your door.
What if I can't find exactly what I'm looking for?
We have thousands of vehicles of all types, with new inventory coming in daily. Check back regularly.
Do you offer Finance options?
We sure do. We also offer insurance, extended warranties and trade-ins. Start a finance enquiry here
How long will the Sales Event last?
The Mega Summer Sales Event ends on 30 January 2019. Hurry online or to a PicklesGO branch location near you. 

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