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Cameras & Headphones

Sunday 13 December - Monday 14 December

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Smart Phones, Tablets & Laptops

Monday 14 December - Tuesday 15 December

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Perfumes & Health Products

Tuesday 15 December - Wednesday 16 December

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Jewellery - Auction 1

Wednesday 16 December - Thursday 17 December

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Jewellery - Auction 2

Thursday 17 December - Friday 18 December

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Music Instruments & Homewares

Friday 18 December - Saturday 19 December

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Wine & Spirits

Saturday 19 December - Sunday 20 December

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Sunglasses, Footwear & Hats

Sunday 20 December - Monday 21 December

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Monday 21 December - Tuesday 22 December

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Handbags, Wallets & Backpacks

Tuesday 22 December - Wednesday 23 December

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Step-by-step guide to buying through PicklesONLINE:

Search for an item online via PicklesONLINE motor vehiclessalvage vehiclestrucks & machinery or goods.

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