Geebung Processing Fees

Processing Fees are charged for all items purchased in each type of auction.
Administration Fees may also apply. All fees are GST inclusive.

Physical Auctions (Including PicklesLIVE Bidding)

Government, Fleet, Repossessed and Other Vehicle Auctions
(no administration fee will be charged in addition to the processing fee)

All lots sold


Prestige, 4x4 and High-Performance Vehicle Auctions​ All sale prices (700 Lot range) 2.50% (Min $595.00)
Clearance Vehicle Auctions All sale prices (800 Lot range) 10% (Min $100.00 Max $400.00 + GST)
Luxury & Classic Car Auctions​ Any sale price 3.95% Min $550.00
+ $66.00 Admin Fee applies on all lots 

Internet Bidding Fee
Applicable to winning bids placed via PicklesLIVE

Please note: Reduced Internet Bidding Fee due to COVID-19 Industrial, Motor and Salvage Vehicle Auctions

From $0 to $399.00
$400 and over



Online Auctions

Motor Vehicle Online Auctions
Applicable to all winning bids in online auctions
Any sale price 5.50% Min $499.50
+ $66.00 Admin Fee applies on all lots 
Recreational Online Auctions
(Boat, Bikes, Caravans & Campers)
From $0 to $9,999.99
From $10,000.00 & $19,999.99

$20,000.00 & over
+ $66.00 Admin Fee applies on all lots 
+ $66.00 Admin Fee applies on all lots 

Administration Fees

Cash Payments 1.50%
EFTPOS Payment $2.20 per $1000, or part thereof
VISA/MasterCard 1.10%
AMEX/Diners 2.80%
Photos $44.00

Invoice Reprint

$22.00 per invoice

Storage Fee $66.00 per day on uncollected items until collected
Late Payment Fee $66.00 per invoice per day payable after 48 hours
Export Administration Fee $220.00 per invoice 
+ $33.00 Transfer Fee for International Bank Transfers

Please note - All fees are GST inclusive