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At Pickles, innovation is at the heart of our business. This innovative spirit is nurtured within all of our divisions and lines of business. We seek not just to implement new technology within our auction processes, but to innovate in ways that improve the customer experience and journey for all of our partners and buyers. We continue to drive a fully-integrated business model with innovation at its core, streamlining processes and seamlessly fusing new capabilities into our existing customer journey to drive our future growth.

This is why we've formed a specialised innovation unit - Pickles Ventures. With an initial investment from Pickles of $10 million, Pickles Ventures will fund and mentor early-stage startups with the capacity for disruptive innovation in the automotive and auction industries. Pickles Ventures will function as an incubator, supporting advising these early-stage companies with our deep expertise, drawing on members of the Pickles team across all of our lines of business. These innovative new companies will deliver on our commitment to implement new technologies that improve auction processes, as well as services that diversify our revenue base and broaden our reach in the marketplace.
"We're excited to announce the launch of Pickles Ventures," said Simon Meyrick, General Manager at Pickles Ventures.
"As we collaborate with other companies, both here and overseas, to launch new products, we continue to drive a fully-integrated model with innovation at its core.  This change in our business model is really the platform to drive our growth at scale and at speed."
Pickles Ventures is launching with a full class of fledgling startups: these include co-branded Pickles businesses and independent entities that sit across Australia and Asia. These include Australian based Datium Insights, Carzapp, and Iungo as well as Malaysia based Pickles Asia. 
Learn more about Pickles Ventures: see the press release here

10 Aug