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The last six months have been busy ones for our Insights team. With the recent announcement of the formation of Datium Insights within the Pickles Ventures group, the team is busy rolling out a number of new analytics services to provide actionable insights to our vendors. 
These services include:

  • Residual value and valuation services: We have created a flexible valuation and future forecast tool for Australian vehicles. The software is adjustable to best fit risk profiles to your business needs, so it can serve the needs of all industries and levels of government. To derive insights, it combines our data from over 100,000 vehicle sales each year with broader market trends and forecasts to deliver the most accurate values available in the market.
  • Vendor benchmarking: Our benchmarking service uses an easy-to-understand online dashboard to measure how your remarketing performs against your industry or other industries. The service also shows what channels others are remarketing in, how those channels are performing and how you are performing on similar metrics.
The countdown is on with these services launching in coming weeks. Interested in giving one or more of these services a try or finding out what else is new? Please reach out to us

29 Aug