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In today's digital world, attending an auction doesn't have to be a physical event. While many will enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of attending a Pickles auction event in person, others may find it more convenient to view an auction online and bid at home. Our Pickles Live bidding platform makes it easy for trade and private buyers to view our auctions and bid on a car they'll love, and we're always looking for ways to make it easier for buyers to find and bid on the right vehicle.



This year, to bring the auction experience to an even wider audience, we introduced Facebook Live streaming for our Luxury auctions. The first broadcast was an overwhelming success - over 50,000 viewers checked out the live stream of our auction. Some of the unique features of the Facebook Live format include the ability for viewers to banter with each other, as well as to ask questions about the vehicles while the auction is ongoing. Facebook also archives the live auction streams, should anyone wish to go back and see the price achieved for a particular vehicle. The initiative has enabled Pickles to reach a wider, untapped audience of potential buyers as well as generate a large amount of cost-effective exposure for our high-calibre Luxury auction events.

If you haven't checked out a Facebook Live stream from one of our auctions yet, be sure to follow us on Facebook for notification of upcoming events.

23 Aug