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Pickles understands that buyers want to see as much detail as possible before bidding on a vehicle or purchasing at fixed price. And, in the future, we expect even more buyers will conduct their entire vehicle purchase process online without seeing a vehicle in person - so we want to make sure we're providing these buyers an in depth view of their new vehicle before they bid or buy.

Our new technology, the Pickles Photodome, makes it possible for potential buyers to get a 360-degree view of any vehicle. The Photodome is equipped with state-of-the-art horizon lighting, a super-high-resolution camera with zoom capability and a turntable that makes it possible to capture the view of our vehicles from every angle.

Our software takes all of the images captured and stitches them into a 360-degree image that invites buyers to navigate around the vehicle, hover in for a closer look when needed and even see an aerial view. Our high resolution images ensure that items such as scratched alloys or stone chips on a bumper are fully visible providing absolute transparency and confidence to our buyers.

The first Pickles Photodome was implemented in our Brisbane (Geebung) location, and based on the initial interest and success, we look forward to deploying the Photodome at five Pickles locations in the coming year - allowing us to produce 360-degree images of approximately 85% of our inventory. We're excited about this new technology and the benefits it brings to our buyers, vendors and dealer network.

Check out this incredible technology by visiting our Geebung auction lists and click on any car you see with a 360 icon in the top corner.

23 Aug