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As the boundaries of international travel became impossible to manage over the last two years, the rise in popularity of caravans has taken Australia by storm. Some industry insiders went so far as to call 2020 the ‘year of the caravan’. This boom continued into 2021, with experts from Positive Lending Solutions pointing out the industry has reached a 30 year high on sales, which are expected to continue.

With continued lockdowns restricting the way we travel, many Australians have taken to backyard travelling as a way to cure wanderlust during COVID-19 restrictions.

If you are ready for your next caravaning expedition or are trying to convince yourself to , here are our top suggestions for camping spots this Spring. We’ve broken our list down by state to help you stay COVID-compliant on your next vacation.

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Honeymoon Bay, Jervis Bay NSW

With a name that speaks for itself, Honeymoon Bay is the perfect spot to camp for a romantic getaway. The perfectly secluded bay area is just out of Currarong and around a three hour drive south of Sydney. The camping is located nearby some of New South Wales best beaches and walking trails.

Honeymoon Bay is open most weekends and holidays and spots are available on a first come, first serve basis. With no running water, toilets or cooking equipment available, the bay is perfect for those with portable homes.

Glenworth Valley, Central Coast NSW

Glenworth Valley is one of New South Wales most popular caravaning sites and for good reason, it’s amazing. The breathtaking views in Glenworth Valley offer a peaceful respite from the noise of everyday life. The valley is secluded but easily accessible via vehicle and offers plenty of adventure activities, perfect for families.

The Glenworth Valley camping ground offers amenities, activities and even a working horse farm for those interested in a scenic horseback ride. It is highly recommended to BYO kayak for those interested in taking the valley by water. The camping ground offers daily availability but keep in mind the grounds are unpowered so best to battery up for caravaning adventures.

Trial Bay Gaol Campground, South West Rocks NSW

Don’t let the name fool you, this destination offers some of the most lush views and camping spots in Australia. If you are set on a caravaning destination that is set up for water adventures, South West Rocks is the perfect area for you. Around 5 hours drive north of Sydney, the Trial Bay Gaol Campground offers amenities, access to both calm and surfable waters and the historic ruins of 1886-built Trial Bay Gaol.


Refuge Cove, Wilsons Promontory

Refuge Cove is ideal for caravan travellers on the hunt for a saltwater-filled vacation. The sheltered spot is completely covered by natural bushlands and includes a campsite full of all the amenities necessary for a long caravan stay. With many beautiful surrounding pockets of beachland, it is recommended you pack a kayak or bring a boat.

Big4 Phillip Island Caravan Park, Phillip Island

Phillip Island is lucky to host a number of spots that make for fantastic Australia getaway destinations. The caravan park on Phillip Island is the perfect way to get the most use of your vehicle, with amenities set up to facilitate caravan travel. The island itself is a great balance of bush and beach and has the added benefit of access to the Phillip Island Penguin Parade!


Boreen Point Campground, Noosa

Boreen Point Campground is just 2 hours north of Brisbane City and is the perfect destination for caravan owners who are travelling with a family. The camping grounds are the perfect combination of beach and bush, with a naturally secluded setting. The grounds are open year long and offer a range of free-range camping areas. The site doesn’t offer water facilities, however there is a range of power amenities provided specifically for RVs.

Bigriggen Park, Scenic Rim

If you are hoping to put some distance between yourself and society in your caravan, Bigriggen Park is the natural setting of your dreams. The park is just shy of 2 hours out of Brisbane and is set on 100 acres of hilltops and river flats. Bigriggen Park is nestled in Queensland’s Scenic Rim and offers a range of bushwalking trails. This area is the perfect caravan destination for those after a holiday full of river fishing, midnight campfires and secluded natural spaces.


Clearville Camping Area, Karratha

Veteran Australian travellers know that WA offers some of the most beautiful natural wonderlands in the world. Clearville offers these unbeatable views from the comfort of a caravan. The Karratha area is at the very top of WA and is set on Australia’s picturesque west coast. Clearville Camping isn’t a spot for beginners, the road is drivable but not considered an easy terrain. There are no amenities or water available so be sure to top up your caravan with many supplies if you are heading on this coastal adventure.


Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges in South Australia make for perfect, secluded camping ground. Wilpena Pound is circa 5 hours out of Adelaide and offers a range of powered or unpowered camping spots. The range’s setting is perfect for travellers looking for camping grounds with natural climbing ranges and views. On top of the slew of activities available in the area, the highlight of the area is access to guided tours by the Adnyamathanha people.


Butterfly Springs, Limmen National Park

This Butterfly Springs area of Limmen National Park is known for being the only safe swimming range in the park. Caravanning in this area of the Northern Territory sets you up for access to all the most popular activities nearby like swimming, fishing, hiking and 4WDing. The grounds are full of amenities set up to facilitate long term camping stays, perfect for caravan travellers.


Blue Waterholes Campground, Kosciuszko National Park

This spot is a popular camping ground for ACT and NSW travellers alike. The Blue Waterholes Campground is a three hour drive out of Canberra and sits between the divide of both states. The area offers stunning views of limestone cliffs and mountain ranges as well as natural bodies of water for swimming. The site is extremely secluded and is only recommended to access by vehicles led by a 4WD.


Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Tassie’s Bay of Fires is located four hours out of Hobart and sits on the coastline between Binalong Bay and Eddystone Point. The area offers a long stretch of coast, along which there are many perfect places to park a caravan. Camping along the Bay of Fires is perfect for experienced campers who have a range of their own amenities. While there are some facilities along the way however access and restrictions change often so it’s recommended to travel with your own cooking, water and garbage equipment.

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