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Photographing a luxury vehicle has always been a bit of an art. To do justice to the design, as well as to adjust for speed and the lighting conditions of dramatic outdoor backdrops is quite a science. But is it any different when photographing them for social media? Bloomberg took a look at what they consider to be some of the best luxury car feeds on Instagram- a medium with an inspirational audience that brings a discerning eye to luxury subjects - and found that brands, as well as influencers and tastemakers, are drawing massive audiences while applying traditional and nontraditional photography techniques.

Some photographers continue to use Canon, Nikon and Leica cameras to take their shots, leveraging the power of their traditional hardware, as well as post-processing techniques. Others have made the transition to iPhone 7 and appreciate some of its convenient features like portrait mode. In general, many are relying on traditional photography techniques to produce images that resonate with their audience and provide a consistent style, and less on stock filters that are commonly deployed on the medium. As one editorial director said to Bloomberg:

“For me it is, how can I showcase timeless beauty, cars that age really well, and then how can I punctuate that with new cars that carry on that philosophy?” said Ted Gushue, the editorial director of Petrolicious … “The medium is so genuine that it rewards a really honest image presentation. Not necessarily filtered photos. I am honest about what my work is and want you to come along for the ride. People respond to that.”

To make shots more unique, the locations chosen for the photos are also often a focal point, and complement the beauty of the cars themselves. Bloomberg profiled several of their favorite Instagrammers, operating in locations as diverse like the beaches of southern California in the US and the Soviet-bloc architecture of East Germany. We used this as an opportunity to ask around the office about favorite instagram feeds with local backdrops, and here are a few:

@bmwau, BMW Australia:


@wheelsaustralia, Wheels Magazine:


@lexusaustralia, Lexus Australia:

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