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Ready to jump into your next Australian adventure but not sure if you want to take to the land or the sea? Many Australians are starting to take advantage of the beautiful natural tourism in our backyards by travelling via caravan, bike or boat. With COVID-19 closures causing an ongoing roadblock for wanderlust-filled adventurers, there has never been a more convenient time to start enjoying some backyard travelling.

While many have the time and budget to start backyard travelling, it can be daunting to have to choose between hitting the road on bike or caravan or to take to the open sea on a boat. To help our recreationally minded customers, we have assembled a list of top pros of each kind of item found at our fortnightly recreational auctions.

Seas the day with a boat!

Adventure lovers know the thrill and excitement that only comes from hitting an open stretch of water on a boat. With border closed across Australia, many have taken to boating to travel without restrictions. The popularity of boats boomed over 2020-21 and if you’re ready to start boat living, Pickles hosts national fortnightly boat auctions with a range of used watercrafts with unbeatable price tags.

The benefit of taking to the water with a boat from Pickles is that used watercraft vehicles typically have less upfront fees and costs. Another benefit of buying locally owned assets is avoiding the tedious process of ordering new, with COVID-19-induced delays in international production and delivery, buying local is the quickest way to get yourself on the water!

  • Pre-loved boats are sold daily at Pickles, you could become a boat owner as soon as tomorrow
  • Water adventures are an excellent way to backyard travel in a COVID-19 conscious country
  • Boating reduces stress
  • Owning a boat requires learning and developing new skills
  • Boats provide an excellent connection to a new community of water lovers

Life is highway, ride it all night long with a bike

Ever dreamt about taking to the Big Lap on a bike with nothing but the wind in your hair and the clothes on your back? Biking across Australia is fast becoming a popular way of backyard travelling with motorcycle sales up 50% in 2021 according to For the traveller who does not want to sightsee alone, there are plenty of Australian-based motorcycle groups you can join to travel the road in a bike pack.

Pickles fortnightly national bike auctions sell quality used motorcycles with incredible price tags. We also offer delivery services that could see you have a bike in hand within the fortnight. If you are teetering on the edge of joining #bikelife here are some pros for you to consider.

  • Owning a motorbike gives you complete freedom to adventure as far and as long as you’d like
  • Build some muscle. Fun fact: riding a motorbike is deemed an essential exercise under COVID-19 regulations
  • Buying a used motorcycle is an economic way to travel Australia
  • Travelling via bike is excellent for the environment, you will spend much less on fuel
  • Park literally anywhere in the country

Camping without a van can be in-tents

There has never been a better time to have a portable home than during COVID-19. Some companies called 2020 the year of the motorhome, and with the popularity of camper vans still rising now is the time to get your hands on a used Pickles asset! Motorhomes are a fantastic economical way to adventure throughout Australia, they are also a way to maintain social distancing precautions.

Pickles sell motorhomes across Australia fortnightly alongside insurance, roadside assistance, and vehicle accessories. If you are ready to travel with your home attached, these are some great pros for purchasing a camper van.

  • Park your home away from home at any idyllic location in Australia
  • Purchase a pre-loved camper for a fraction of the price from Pickles
  • Travel Australia with in-built social distancing boundaries
  • Live a thousand different adventures with the one purchase

Convinced? If you’re ready to dive into your next adventure, check out the range of assets available at our fortnightly auction. Not quite ready? Why not subscribe to our fortnightly boat, bike or caravan newsletter to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest Pickles assets.

23 Jun