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Why used government cars are the most highly sought-after items at Pickles auctions

For many Australians, buying a used vehicle is an easy and affordable way of getting on the road. Not only are used cars significantly more affordable than ordering a new car, they are easier to access in 2022, due to international production and shipping delays. 

Many third-party platforms today offer used cars, like Carsales, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree and it can be daunting buying a used car when you can never be 100% sure of the condition of the vehicle or the legitimacy of the seller.

For savvy buyers looking to circumvent this issue, ex-government auctions provide a range of quality used cars with reputable backgrounds to choose from. 

What is an ex-government auction?
Pickles hold contracts for the sale of former federal, state and local government departments across Australia. An ex-government car auction is a sale that only hosts assets that have been used in a workplace capacity by government staff. These cars have previously been bought by the government and then driven by employees of the public sector. At the end of the car’s lease, they are then sold at a Pickles auction.

Why buy an ex-government vehicle?
These cars are all used in a working capacity, meaning they generally avoid a lot of the wear and tear that accompanies the personal use of a car. Not only are they in good condition, but they come from a reputable source and are well maintained throughout the lease.  

If you are interested but need a little extra confidence before bidding, check out our top 5 reasons to buy a used government car at a Pickles auction - 

As a general rule, used cars of any kind will come with an attractive price tag. A used government car can often be purchased well below what you’d expect to pay at a dealership for the same vehicle. The government tends to turn over vehicles very quickly to avoid any further depreciation, so it’s important to be quick to purchase an ex-gov vehicle as they don’t tend to linger for very long.

Regularly serviced
Government cars are very well taken care of. Government agencies are under very strict instructions when it comes to the care and upkeep of their leased cars. This means that ex-gov cars have been serviced in line with the manufacturers service schedule. These are work cars that have been on loan to employees, it is unlikely you will come across one that hasn’t been well maintained. 

Detailed records
Following on from the bonus of regular maintenance is the added benefit of ex-government cars coming with detailed log books and service history. Alongside the upkeep of government cars, rigorous records are kept of repairs, upgrades and servicing. A very high proportion of government vehicles are sold with the balance of the manufacturer warranty, with most cars now coming with 5-7 years or 100,000kms warranties. Believe it or not, the government has you in mind when they buy their cars, they try to make sure what they sell at the end of the lease is attractive to family buyers or tradies. 

Low kilometres
Government fleets are regularly upgraded, meaning that the cars that reach auction typically feature low kilometres. There’s a far smaller chance of trouble within the first part of a car’s life, therefore a low kilometre vehicle is a good bet. This also means that the cars are usually in excellent interior and exterior condition.

Reliable cars
Ex-government cars are reliable, not only because they have been rigorously maintained, but because they have been specifically bought with dependability in mind. It is of the utmost importance that the government provides good quality, reliable cars to its staff in the public sector, therefore the vast majority of these vehicles feature 5 star ANCAP safety ratings. 

The government isn’t selling cars when they become worn out either, they typically sell them once they’ve traveled a certain amount of kilometres. For this reason, alongside the meticulous care and record-keeping that goes into these cars, you are more likely to find extremely good quality vehicles at an ex-government fleet sale. 

Convinced? Pickles sell around 80% of the available government vehicles across Australia, meaning that we have an abundance of good quality, ex-government cars for sale every week. Keep an eye on the ex-government sales at the branch closest to you. 

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