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Read below for a step-by-step guide to checking and adjusting your car's tyres.

1. Check when the tyres are cold
Most service stations have a pump you can use to both check and inflate your tyres. It is best to check your tyre pressure first thing in the morning as if you have been driving around for a while and your tyres are warm, you may get an inaccurate result.

2. Check the recommended inflation pressures
The recommended inflation pressures are displayed on a sticker attached to the inside of the driver's door but could be in the glove box or inside the fuel filler door.

3. Set the pump's reading to match your car's recommended pressure
If your tyres are lower than the recommended pressure, you'll need to adjust each tyre individually. Start by setting the pressure rating on the pump.

4. Unscrew the valve caps
Unscrew the valve caps and then attach the hose to valve stem. If you hear a hissing sound, it is the air escaping. Wiggle the head until it stops. The pump will automatically adjust the tyre pressure to the preset level and will alert you audibly when it has reached that pressure.

4. Screw the valve caps back on
Simply screw the valve caps back on and continue checking and adjusting each tyre until all are set at the correct level.

26 Mar