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The Queensland Government is rolling out the Queensland Electric Super highway in a bid to support the uptake of electric vehicles. Spanning 2,000km from Cairns to Coolangatta and west to Toowoomba, it is said to be the world's longest electric highway in a single state. 

Those with electric or hybrid cars can now travel up and down the coast in a low or zero emissions vehicle. Fast charging points will be placed along the highway near areas with existing facilities including Coolangatta, Helensvale, Brisbane, Springfield, Toowoomba, Gatton, Cooroy, Marlborough, Childers, Miriam Vale, Rockhampton, Marlborough, Carmila, Mackay, Bowen, Townsville, Tully and Cairns. The charging points would be made free for the next 12 months and can charge vehicles in around 30 minutes. 

Image credit: Queensland Government

The connecting ports at the charging stations support the majority of electric vehicles models currently available in Australia and are recognised as industry standard around the world. Some makes and models, for example Tesla vehicles, will need to use adaptors to connect.

All the electricity will be from Green Energy using green energy credits and offsets making it a carbon-friendly, pollutant-free transport option.

The Queensland Government reported that an electric vehicle recharged 100% by solar can save 3.8 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually when compared to a traditional, internal combustion engine vehicle (driving over 15,000km per year).

26 Mar