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In a bid to be known for having the safest cars, Subaru is contemplating dropping manual gearboxes in favour of automatic gearboxes that are more compatible with EyeSight®, Subaru's safety initiative.

Image credit: Subaru Impreza 

The EyeSight® driver assist program acts like a second pair of eyes, spotting potentially dangerous situations up ahead. It works by capturing 3D images through cameras placed on the front windscreen. If it sees anything of danger, it warns you audibly, urging you to take action and brake, and will automatically apply the brakes if you don't.

It is understood that there are no plans to engineer EyeSight® for manual gearboxes. Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, Chris Graham, Managing Director of Subaru's UK division, hinted that EyeSight® will be paired with Lineartronic transmission, a system that continuously and automatically adjusts the gear ratio.

12 Mar