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Keep your car in tip-top shape by performing these 5 basic safety checks every year.

1. Check your tyre condition
Regularly check your tyre pressure and adjust it if needs be. This will help with fuel efficiency and also keep yourself and others safe on the road. If you don't know how to, here's a step-by-step guide.

2. Check all lights are working
Check your blinkers, hazards, high beams and braking lights. Also, check your internal lights and replace any globes that aren't working. If you find your lights often stop working, it is best to talk to your mechanic who can check the electrical wiring.

3. Registration inspection
Part of a registration check is a safety check. This is a good opportunity for a mechanic to check the car over and assess any problems or potential problems.

4. Check all seat belts
Seat belts play an important role in keeping you safe. To check if your seat belt is working correctly, check the engagement of the tongue and buckle assembly. Check it clicks in securely and ejects actively when released, there should be no visible cracks on the buckle and the buckle cover must be intact. Pull the seat belt as far as it goes and then let go, checking it retracts fully and doesn't stick at any point. Ensure there is no fraying, fading or rips in the belt also known as webbing. Lastly, check all anchorages looking for corrosion or signs of deformation.

5. Check warning light indicators on the dashboard
Cars have in-built safety warnings which can show up on the dashboard. If a new signal pops up, check your owner's manual and take it to the mechanic.

26 Mar