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Having a new baby? There is a lot to think about including whether your car supports your growing family. Below is a list of commonly asked questions when it comes to buying a carseat.

Can my child sit in the front seat?
It is strongly recommended that children up to and including 12 years of age always sit in the rear seat for their own safety as recommended by

Do I have to use forward-facing or rear-facing seats?
Transport for NSW advises the below:
Up to 6 months Approved rear-facing child car seat
6 months to 4 years Approved rear or forward-facing child car seat
4+ years Approved forward-facing child car seat or booster seat
145cm or taller Suggested minimum height to use adult lap-sash seatbelt

What is the ISOFIX system?
ISOFIX is a global product standard applied for the safe fitment of child safety capsules in cars. It is a universal mounting system providing the car and capsule conform to the ISOFIX standard.

Are all Australian child car seats ISOFIX compatible?
No. Child restraints that use the vehicle seatbelt and top tether strap continue to be available.

How can I identify a compatible child seat?
Look for the Australian and New Zealand Standard label on the seat and wording on the package that indicates it complies with AS/NZS 1754.

Do all vehicles have ISOFIX anchorages?
No, not all cars. Since 2000 some vehicles imported from Europe, Asia and the United States had the fittings. The Australian Design Rules recently changed which meant manufacturers could voluntarily include ISOFIX anchorages. This change came into effect on 1 November 2012 for new models and 1 November 2013 for all other new vehicles of existing models.

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