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Before you set out on a road trip, check you have these essentials items.

Maps – whether paper or digital, you’ll be thankful for the backup when you’re hungry, tired and just want to get to your destination.

Frisbee or ball – don’t worry, we’re not suggesting a Frisbee as an ‘indoor’ game. On your scheduled rest breaks bring out an activity that requires physical effort such as a Frisbee or soccer ball. Kids are notorious for having pent-up energy after being confined for an extended time and a fidgety toddler is no fun on an eight-hour drive.

Essentials to pack when road tripping with kids

Power bank – Don’t let the phone, tablet, DVD player etc. run out or you’ll be hearing ‘are we there yet’ the whole way.

USB car charger - Choose one that fits into the cigarette lighter.

Car seat organisers – especially great for older kids, an organiser hung over the back of the chair will let them feel in control, and saves you the hassle of passing out games or snacks. Let them pack a book, cards, games, favourite toys, muesli bar, water etc.

Trash bags – we don’t know how the rubbish accumulates but it does. Pack twice as many as you think you’ll need.

Wet wipes & tissues – runny noses, sticky fingers, emergency toilet break… the list goes on. Pack extra.

Movies – a tablet or portable DVD player will keep kids busy for at least two hours. Pick up a headrest mount for your iPad too. This way kids won't fight over who gets to hold it.

Headphones – Let your kid choose a pair so they'll want to wear them. 

Snacks – opt for dry foods such as cereals, nuts, dried fruits, muesli bars etc. They are much easier to clean than foods that stain or leave sticky residue.

Water – This may seem obvious but we suggest packing a bottle for each person plus an extra big one in the boot. If you break down and you’re stuck in the Australian outback – or on the highway – for a few hours, you’ll be glad you packed extra.

First aid kit – band-aids, pain relief, sunscreen, cotton wool, scissors etc

Blankets and pillows – essentials to help passengers nod off to sleep. Don’t forget the stuffed toys for kids.

Change of clothes – from spilt water to food, puddles and playing in the dirt, a change of clothes (or two sets!) will get you out of trouble.

Flip flops – don’t battle with shoes at every break. Leave flips flops in the back seat so they can be easily slipped on or off.

Flashlight – rather than turning on all the lights in the car and waking sleeping toddlers, pack a flashlight.

Games – cards, magnetic toys, dolls, colouring in books are all great ways to keep kids entertained. If you have teenagers, let them charge up their devices, organise Spotify playlists and so on.

Tilemate – Keys are suprisingly easy to lose. This bluetooth activated device will help locate whatever it is attached to so pop one on your keys.
Now you're set, where will you go?

03 May