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Love your car and don’t want to see it get all mucky? Sometimes with kids it’s inevitable. From greasy fingerprints to spilt yoghurt and all that’s in between, your car’s interior takes a beating regularly. Here are some tips that can help.

Stick to clear liquids and dry foods
The last minute breakfast en-route to school or snacks to keep them happy on the road, food always seems to find its way into the car. Avoid juice, milkshakes and sticky foods as these are a pain to clean up and often stain. Opt for clear liquids and dry foods like cereal, muesli bars, fruit and nut mix etc – anything that can be vacuumed up.

Washable seat covers
Milkshake unavoidable? Get a set of washable seat covers. These are also handy for those post-beach trips or muddy soccer practices where somehow the entire field of grass (or sand) ends up in the car.

Choose your material wisely
Fabric or leather is always a big decision when it comes to choosing a material. While leather can be wiped down, it can scar or even tear. Fabric seats might stain but can be cleaned and covered easily.

Rubber mats
They might not look the best but they do a fantastic job at protecting the floor of your car – and you can simply pick them up and wipe them down or hose them off.

Clear plastic containers
From spare clothes, towels and sporting gear, somehow your car ends up resembling an extra room in your house. Keep things organised by using clear containers in the boot. Plus, it keeps dirty items off your fabric.

Choose your toys
Paint,  textas and even pencils are not a car’s best friend – you’ll end up with shavings all over the floor or a colourful artwork on the back of your seat. Instead, go for dolls and other toys that don’t break, fall apart or leave marks.

Wet wipes
There aren't many things that a wet wipe can't fix. Keep a pack or two in the back for wiping down hands, cleaning up a spill and so on.

Fill the cup holder with a cupcake liner
The cup holder is always filled with random bits - coins, half eaten food, string etc. Keep it clean by using a reusable cupcake liner. When it starts getting mucky, just empty and wipe clean.

Old towels
This one is especially helpful if you have pets. Line the boot and back seats with an old towel to prevent stains.

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01 May