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Pickles comes full circle with the development of an agricultural department

While most Australians know Pickles as the auctioneering powerhouse it is today, few know of the humble beginnings of the business as a stock and station agent in rural Moree over 50 years ago. 

The Pickles stock and station business successfully provided an agricultural marketplace to the locals of Moree for over a decade, before expanding into auctioneering with a branch based out of Newcastle. Operating as a stock and station agent provided the foundation of the business as it stands today, most notably around industrial valuations and agricultural equipment management.

Now in 2022, Pickles has transformed over the past half century and now boasts billions in annual asset turnover and a range of subsidiary businesses. The Pickles company has long since exceeded expectations. After years of redefining the remarketing industry through business development and growth, Pickles is now returning to its roots with a newly-created department focused entirely on agricultural equipment, PicklesAg

Pickles is well-known throughout Australia as a market leader, providing industrial equipment to clients around the country. PicklesAg is the natural continuation of our Industrial department, and brings the company full circle by providing a division that singularly supplies the Australian market with ag equipment.  

What is PicklesAg?

PicklesAg began development in 2021 as the wider business noticed the necessity to provide a market that solely interacted with members of the ag community. Pickles has long seen a gap in the market for a division that assists a flourishing industry with clear growth potential. Through creating PicklesAg, we are building a space that helps expand the opportunities of the agricultural industry.

Pickles already operates as a successful marketplace for buyers who need to access agriculturally-specific tools. By creating a whole division dedicated to helping farmers buy and sell their equipment, we’re assisting families first and the farm economy second.

Why build an entire agricultural division?

Creating a new facet of the business that focuses solely on Ag allows Pickles to create services that suit the specific needs of our clients. It means that we can offer a hub of only ag equipment to the audience who needs it most. It also allows us to retain a specialised group of employees around Australia who can centre their attention on rural customers and their needs.

PicklesAg fills a gap in the market for a farm-focused marketplace. It is simply putting a name and a focal point together on an offering that Pickles has long since maintained and providing a trusted place for our buyers to access.

Why utilise PicklesAg?

Our new division is simply a culmination of Pickles’ values and our longstanding history in the agricultural heritage of Australia. With expertise across industrial equipment, valuations, auctions and assets, PicklesAg can provide every fundamental service required of farm managers who need to expertly offload, update and manage agricultural equipment. 

PicklesAg has a dedicated agricultural team that operates across the country. Our specialised team offers a wealth of expertise that guides Pickles customers through the remarketing process. As a newly created division we are leveraging all of our current offerings to develop new services and solutions requested of our current clients. Meaning, it will be advantageous from start to finish for our first clients and a journey for our new patrons. 

What is the future for PicklesAg?

Even though the department is new, the concept is long standing within Pickles. With one foot already firmly in the Aussie dirt, the other foot is looking for new territory for which to leap into. Now that Pickles has a farm-focused division, we can focus our resources on developing new services that best benefit our pre-existing clientele. 

Pickles believes that the sky isn’t even the limit, as we continue to build our services, subscribe to our mailing list to be part of the journey.

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03 May