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A must-read checklist of vehicle/partner essentials

What do a car and a partner have in common? At first glance, it might seem like an odd comparison. However, when you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover that there are some intriguing parallels. Both cars and partners can bring us great joy (and the occasional headache), so we decided to have a bit of fun and pick out 6 key aspects where the two align.


When it comes to your car and your partner, reliability is a must. Picture this: you’re all set for a road trip, and your car decides to just not start the morning of your big adventure. It can certainly put a damper on things! In a similar vein, you want your partner to be the one you can count on, whether it’s for a fun adventure or dealing with life’s unexpected bumps. Whether it’s a flat tire or a bad day at work, having someone you can rely on is a must.


Just as you want your car to be compatible with your lifestyle (is it a sleek sports car or a sturdy SUV?), you also need compatibility with your partner. Shared interests, values, and goals can make your journey together a lot smoother, and a lot more enjoyable! After all, you wouldn’t want to be a thrill-seeker with a partner who’d rather stay home and watch paint dry.


Regular maintenance keeps both your car and your relationship running smoothly, and ignoring the warning signs can lead to trouble down the road. Whether it’s the car’s oil change or the act of having an open chat with your significant other, taking care of these essentials is crucial for keeping things on track.


In a downpour, late at night, you need to trust that your car can handle the situation. Trust is equally crucial in a partnership. Knowing that your partner has your best interests at heart and can weather life’s storms with you is incredibly reassuring.


Every car has unique features, and at Pickles we know when it’s just right for you. But sometimes you can go further, and customise features to suit your preferences, from the seat position to the perfect playlist. Likewise, in a relationship, embracing each other’s unique qualities and finding ways to customise your experiences together can lead to a more enjoyable journey.

The need for speed

Excitement and adventure are the fuel that keeps the passion alive in both your car and your partnership. Whether you're hitting the open road for a thrilling drive or embarking on a spontaneous weekend getaway with your partner, the need for speed adds a touch of spice to life’s journey.

As you navigate the winding road of life, remember that your car and your partner share more in common than you might think. Both can bring joy and excitement, but they also require care, trust, and a shared sense of direction. Whether you’re hitting the highway or exploring your relationship, enjoy the ride!

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17 Oct