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The top 10 cars Australians loved in August

Each month, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries releases a report detailing the top-selling vehicles across Australia. Pickles’ monthly vehicle report presents the top 10 vehicles from this list and recounts industry news and trends as they affect the Australian market.

Market snapshot

As the weather hit record breaking heights, so too did the new vehicle market in August. Vehicle sales for August were the highest ever recorded for the month, with Australian consumers taking full advantage of recent deliveries of new cars. Overall, 109,966 cars drove away from dealerships in August and sales were up 15.4 percent compared to the same month in 2022. This unprecedented upward trajectory in vehicle sales is great news for manufacturers and sellers, especially amid tightened household budgets in 2023.

Interestingly, sales of electric vehicles dipped slightly in August, which could be chalked up to a lack of available stock in the country. And even considering the slight fall in numbers, overall electric and hybrid sales in August were strong, equating to 10.5 percent of total car sales for the month. Australian consumers continue to embrace vehicles that feature low emissions technologies, not only to make greener choices but to also take advantage of some government incentives like subsidies and reduced rates.

Most popular vehicles | August 2023

  1. Toyota Hilux - 5,762 units sold in August

The Toyota Hilux took the top spot in August, with an impressive number of sales for the month, albeit smaller compared YoY to sales in 2022. The Hilux is a versatile and powerful Australian favourite, popular with both private and business buyers. Check out all of the quality used Hilux models available at Pickles. 

  1. Ford Ranger - 5,760 units sold in August

August was another big month for the Ford Ranger, which has been steadily gaining momentum in sales in the last few months. The Ford Ranger is well known for its workhorse features while maintaining a stylish exterior and is a popular choice amidst Australian consumers. 

  1. Toyota RAV4 - 3,317 units sold in August

The RAV4 is one of Australia’s most popular vehicles, with over 3,000 units sold throughout August. Given the RAV4 is always in high demand, keeping up to date with Pickles’ sales is the best way to purchase a quality used model. 

  1. Isuzu UTE D-MAX - 3,218 units sold in August

The D-MAX jumped right to the top half of the list in August, with impressive sales of over 3,200 units. For car buyers looking for the practicality of a work vehicle along with the versatility of a family car, the D-MAX is a popular car choice.

  1. MG ZS - 3,193 units sold in August

MG vehicles have gone from strength to strength in 2023, with the company seeing significant overall growth due to the extremely affordable price tag of their vehicles. The only downside to MG vehicles is that because of their relative newness to the Australian market, it can be a challenge to find a quality used model in the car market.

  1. Toyota Corolla - 2,808 units sold in August

The compact Toyota Corolla jumped onto the top sellers list in August, with a huge jump in sales compared YoY to the same month in 2022. While not as popular as other Toyota makes, the Corolla is known for its serious reliability and cheap maintenance costs.

  1. Tesla Model Y - 2,314 units sold in August

EV sales for August were decent even with the slight dip, and the Tesla Model Y took the seventh spot on the list after solid sales results. The Tesla Model Y is one of several popular EV makes that have seen an increase in sales as Australians turn towards EV/hybrid vehicle options. 

  1. Hyundai Tucson - 2,084 units sold in August

The Hyundai Tucson sold over 2,000 units throughout August in a range of variations from 2WD and AWD, to Active, Elite and Highlander models. The Hyundai Tucson is popular for its suitability to road trips and its range of accessories that protect against harsh Australian conditions

  1. Mitsubishi Outlander - 2,030 units sold in August

Sales of Mitsubishi Outlander units were solid in August, with just over 2,000 units sold across Australia. As a staple of the Australian car market, buyers are lucky to have access to a wide variety of used Outlander models featured in Pickles’ sales.

  1. Toyota Prado - 1,969 units sold in August

In a consecutive month of strong sales, the Toyota Prado came in just shy of 2,000 unit sales in August. The Prado was one of the worst affected car models throughout the last few years, with global demand resulting in long wait times for new purchases. As stock hits Australian suppliers, we are likely to see more of the Prado in the top 10 sellers each month.

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