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Are you on the hunt for your next vehicle but not sure what the best purchase is for your budget? Here are our top picks for used cars over $30,000+!

2013 Lexus RX350
Sporty and spacious come together in this luxury family car. The engine has plenty of power and responds well with better performance and handling than your average SUV. It moves between city and freeway driving with ease but is better suited for on-road driving. The standard features list boasts live traffic enabled sat nav, reversing camera, electric adjustable leather seats, power rear tailgate, digital audio, 12-speaker audio system and more. Industry-leading noise-reducing materials keep the cabin quiet while the quality trim and dash give the interior a luxe feel.
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2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport

This vehicle’s 2.0-litre engine has plenty of power considering the car’s weight (1.9 tonnes). There is less ‘turbo lag’ and whine than in the previous models’ 2.2-litre engine. It’s fuel economy is impressive and is well suited for a number of driving conditions, on-road and off-road. It’s lofty with plenty of boot space and adult-sized legroom in the second row. It’s easy to drive, with outstanding forward vision and little interference, giving the driver a commanding view of surrounding landscapes. The interior is functional and well-presented with all the standard accessories you can expect from a Land Rover.
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2016 Mercedes-Benz c200

Striking and sleek are two words to describe the c200’s exterior. Redesigned in 2015, the body is slightly larger and much more luxurious than its earlier counterparts. Fitted with quality materials, the interior screams luxury with materials usually reserved for the executive class. Boot space is adequate while the front row seats are comfortable with enough space for the tallest amongst us. While not the most spacious, the second row provides enough leg room for adults to be comfortable, even for long drives. Strong turbocharged engines provide enough grunt under the bonnet for long drives, quick manoeuvres, great fuel economy and all-round exceptional handling.
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