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When buying a family car there are many features that can determine how easy it is for your household to travel. Whether you have a bunch of large teens to accommodate or little kids who need space to grow, there are 7 things to consider when buying a family car:

Seat that fold flat

Seats that fold flat give families the ability to haul lots of sporting equipment around or all the luggage needed for a trip, while having the flexibility to carpool extra kids.


Safety is the number one priority for many families. Most late-model cars have excellent safety features such as blind-spot assist, reversing cameras, autonomous emergency brakes (AEB), auto parking, lane departure warning system, seat belts, airbags and more. Check ANCAP to see your car’s safety rating.

Rear-seat entertainment

Are you sick of hearing a chorus of ‘Are we there yet’? Rear-seat entertainment such as built-in screens can be a lifesaver. Consider where the charging points are too so kids can keep their devices charged.

Hands-free liftgates

When your hands are full of bags, or kids, simply swing your foot under the bumper and the rear door opens. So easy and so practical.

Easy to clean seats

A car’s interior will take a battering over its lifetime – from breakfast on-the-go to road trips and sharing the back seat with pets. Opting for materials that are easy to clean make all the difference.  Pay attention to what material is used on the dashboard, doors and seats.

Integrated vacuums

We may be in minivan territory here, but integrated vacuums make quick cleaning a breeze. No more lugging the heavy vacuum out to your street and trying to find an extension cord long enough.

ISOFIX anchor points

For young or growing families these standardised child-restraint anchor points are located in the seat base and allow a compatible baby capsule or child seat to be clicked in safely and quickly.

29 Apr