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Ready to buy your next car but not sure what you need? For many car buyers it can be difficult to determine which car model is right for them. There are many different lifestyle factors that can direct your vehicle shopping. Two models of car that are hard to pick between are SUVs and Hatchbacks. If you are scratching your head over which vehicle will suit your life better, read through our breakdown of both models.


  An SUV is a sport utility vehicle and is ideal for a whole host of activities, from driving on rugged surfaces to city driving as well as being roomy enough to hold five or more adults plus spacious trunk space.

Most SUVs have two or three rows of seats which make them ideal for growing or mid to large families, and with a high roof even adults will find the back seats spacious enough. Speaking of space, SUVs have ample boot space to pack sporting gear, camping equipment, spare clothes and so on – factors which make them ideal for long road trips or weekends away.

While space and height is a serious drawcard for some, it is also a negative for others. SUVs tend to be larger than hatchbacks meaning narrow streets and parking can be tougher.

Benefits of an SUV
  • Enough seat space and room for growing families
  • Storage for packing camping gear, sporting bags and luggage for weekends away
  • Capability to drive on rugged outdoor surfaces
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A hatchback is defined by its sloping back and hinged rear cargo hatch that opens upward.
Smaller than the SUV, hatchbacks tend to handle tight turns, narrow streets and parking better. And, while smaller, Hatchbacks aren’t necessarily small and are often designed to maximise internal space such as rear folding seats.

The biggest drawcard of a hatch is being able to fit as much as comfortably possible in a tight space.
Another tick for the hatch are running costs and fuel efficiency. They are generally cheaper to run - thanks to smaller and simpler components - and more fuel-friendly. They also tend to be cheaper to buy outright.

Considering a hatch? Assess your needs first as the avid camper might not find this type of car suitable. With less internal space and closer to the ground than SUVs, 2+ adult families may find it too cosy while off-road and all-terrain driving is off the cards for most models.
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